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-new tcf bank stadium, in minneapolis, on the campus of the university of minnesota, where the gophers entertain, eight-ranked cal. it's the big ten against the pac-10. i'm dave pasch, alongside bob griese and chris spielman. all eyes will be on jahvid best. >> bob: if you have not seen this kid play, you're in for a real treat. he's the only running back up in the heisman race with the quarterbacks. he's explosive. he can pick them up and lay them down. good out of the backfield, catching the ball, as well. >> chris: he runs a 10.3 100 meters. minnesota, this is your time to shine. you want to be a big player in the big ten. you have your top-ranked opponent, with the cal bears. right now, the light's on. it's your time. let's see what you have. >> dave: they are 2-0. they had to come from behind in both their wins, and right here against air force last week, to open this beautiful, new stadium, on campus. and it is the first big ten conference stadium built since 1960, when memorial stadium was built at indiana. beaver stadium, at penn state. incredible locker room. biggest in either
for everybody from the minnesota state fair. candy, ed, dana, thank you very much. we'd like to welcome back our international viewers. i'm john king live at the minnesota state fair. this is a special labor day weekend edition of "state of the union." it is a big concern at the state fair and at workplaces across america. how big is the h1n1 risk and is the government the ready? >> i don't want anybody to be alarmed but i do want everybody to be prepared. >>> plus -- the health care flashpoints at the fairgrounds and back in washington, as the president prepares for a high-stakes address to joint session of congress. time for a deal or more partisan gridlock? we put your questions to key voices. democratic senators amy klobuchar and ben nelson. minnesota's republican governor tim pawlenty and the director for the centers of disease control dr. thomas frieden. >>> then our american dispatch from waterloo, wisconsin. a dairy farmer who relies on cooperatives for feed, seed, and now his health care says reform doesn't have to mean more government spending. and a congressman leading the fight. keit
of the three first possessions. >> dave: first down at the minnesota 32. cal ranked eighth in the country. trying to end the four-game losing streak. they go to oregon next week. and host usc, two weeks from tonight. play-action for riley. and riley, throws it on the money. pulled in by jeremy ross. and he steps out at the 1 yard line. >> bob: that was a well-designed play, by andy ludwig, the defensive coordinator. they had a time-out. they went to the sideline. they took some time. said this is what i want. just a great throw. laid it out. threw it to the corner. big play. >> chris: you allow receivers free releases downfield. you put pressure on safeties. you have to get some type of jam to slow that timing up. >> dave: first and goal from the 1. now, they give it to best. and he's not going to get in. trying to go up high. and lee campbell cut him down. >> chris: good job by moen to get penetration and force the cutback. meeting the man at the highest point. >> bob: defensive line for minnesota has really stepped up. the front seven, the linebackers, the defensive line, have shut down
. 2009] >> now, minnesota governor tim pawlenty talks about family values and the democrats' health care legislation. he spoke at the family research council annual values voters summit on friday. this is half an hour. ♪ >> thank you so much, bill o'reilly. now, our next speaker is regarded as one of the nation's most innovative, energetic, reform-minded, an accomplished governors. now serving his second term as the governor of minnesota, he has balanced minnesota's budget three times without raising taxes, despite facing a record budget deficits. under his leadership, minnesota ranks first among states in fortune 500 companies per- capita, first in overall quality of life, first in home ownership, first in percentage of residents with a high-school diploma, and first in residents over 25 with a bachelor's degree. so you have to ask, how did you guys vote for al franken? we will ask him. i should also add that minnesota ranks first in multi retired quarterbacks in brett favre for. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome a true champion for values voters, governor tim pawlenty. [applause]
office. the republican governor of minnesota, he's going to talk about everything this morning from the economy and health care. reading about washington these days... i gotta ask, what's in it for me? i'm not looking for a bailout, just a good paying job. that's why i like this clean energy idea. now that works for our whole family. for the kids, a better environment. for my wife, who commutes, no more gettin' jerked around on gas prices... and for me, well, it wouldn't be so bad if this breadwinner brought home a little more bread. repower america. i hope our senators are listening. "what do you mean homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods?" "a few inches of water caused all this?" "but i don't even live near the water." what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you. including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $119 a year. for an agent, call the number on your screen. have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. at legalzoom, we'll help you incorporate your business, file a patent, make a will and more. you can com
gentleman from minnesota rise. >> i would like to yield three minutes to the ranking member on the higher education subcommittee. >> thank you. i am in opposition to this because i believe that there is a better way to protect students and taxpayers. the authors of this legislation would say that the purpose of this is to simply stabilized student lending. they say the federal family education loan program will need to be replaced with a government run direct programs. the program has been a stable resource of private loans for more than 40 years, with the large national lenders to the small, local nonprofits with benefits and services. colleges and universities are opting for a rate of benefits and services. . the president of western kentucky university told me at the end -- that the end of the ffel program would men e-- mean the end of many programs and borrowing support programs. further, the president of st. catherine college, a small, independent college in my district, shared his concerns about the impact it will have on colleges of his size. it would mean investing s
is expected to reveal more details about his plans at the rally in minnesota as well as, take a look now, democrats are taking their support of health care reform on the road in florida. the democratic national committee is going to orlando and tampa, today. then in washington, activists on the other side of the issue of health care reform or the president's plan waving flags and signs up and down pennsylvania avenue. you are looking at live pictures of the tea party protestors. it's a number of organizations protesting there. many of them in opposition of what they believe big government growing even bigger. now, you are seeing president obama there in minneapolis at the target center. he is hoping to impress upon folks here in minnesota his plans for health care reform. you heard the president's address wednesday night. he's reiterating some of the messages. why minnesota? at least why minneapolis when apparently the uninsured rate is the lowest there in the nation. 9% don't have health care. he is trying to reach the middle class in his radio address and internet address saying that p
>>> i'm john king live at the minnesota state fair and this is a special labor day edition of a special labor day edition of "state of the union." -- captions by vitac -- >>> 17 government officials, politicians and analysts have had their say. president obama's ed kaegz secretary and his senior adviser, leading lawmakers on capitol hill. we've watched the sunday shows so you don't have to. we'll break it all down with ed rollins and joe trippy and the best political team on television. "state of the union" sound of sunday for october 6th. >>> as the president prepares his speech for wednesday night, one of his closest aides voice his confidence that the president will regain the upper hand in the health care debate. >> i think we're going have major reform this year. reform again, that brings stability to people who have insurance so they're not abused within the insurance system and gives the option -- gives the ability to people who don't have insurance to get insurance at a price they can afford and brings the overall rate of health care spending down. >>
win by two. >> brett favre's debut in minnesota. he's back in the n.f.l. 270 consecutive start. >> he handed the ball off, especially to that guy right there, one of the most dominant running backs in the game. >> and the rookie, percy harvy and all day adrien peterson, again, great move up inside the middle and then straight on running physical and that is where you used to see this young man being able to finish plays like this. as long as brett favre has this type of runner in the back field he's going to do fine. he doesn't have to worry about throwing the ball 30 or 40 times per game. physical play by the young man from oklahoma. >> peterson take its in, one of two touchdown runs on the day. you know what, so far, so good. minnesota defense stellar in the 34-20 win. peterson 180 yards. three touchdowns and e.a. let's go on it. 14 of 21, 110 yards. you saw the it touchdown pass, what did you see from favre? >> i saw him early on being conservative and they will not allow him to come out and throw the ball. they wanted to hand the ball off, screens and draws and get him in situatio
minnesota rise? >> mr. speaker, i move to suspend the rules and pass the bill h.r. 3607 fiscal year 2010 federal aviation administration extension act. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: h.r. 3607 a bill to amend the internal revenue code of 1986 to extend the funding of the airport and airway trust fund to amend title 49 united states code to extend authorizationers in airport improvement program and for other purposes. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from minnesota, mr. oberstar and the gentleman from wisconsin, mr. petri, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from minnesota. mr. oberstar: i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks on the bill h.r. 3607. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. oberstar: and to include extraneous material. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. observer star: i yield myself such time as i may consume. we passed this bill to extend -- we
span of a few years. the gentleman from minnesota is absolutely right. this direct loan program was accomplished in 1993 as a public option. it was designed to increase consumer choice. that's what we were told at the time. and only one problem. the consumers never warmed to it. at its peak, the government direct loan program only attracted 34% of loan volume. today, even with all of the financial difficulties in the private sector, it's earned only 27% of the market. the rest of that market is ably administered by 1,500 services and guarantee agencies that employ 30,000 private sector workers. this bill literally shuts down 40 years of successful private sector involvement with student loans and hands the government monopoly control. as the bumper sticker warns, the government hates competition. we're told this is going to save money. pardon my skepticism, but i doubt that the same government that runs fema is going to bring efficiency to the student loan program. in fact, it's precisely the fierce competition among loan providers that is producing lower prices for students at
's start it off with a smile. i can't wait to start it off with minnesota. let's talk about what is happening in the white house. somewhat of a really negotiating out of this just to cut a political deal. congressman says stack, is there wiggle room in the house part to get out of this? >> i hope not. i'm going to have a very difficult time voting for any plan that doesn't have a public option. look, we have a responsibility to cover everyone. we also have a requirement so in the future and that's what the public option is. it's an absolute economic richlrichl requirement. it coincides with an economic requirement that we can afford to do so. i hope the president and every democrat comes back with strong needs, not with a bub kell, and standing up to fight for it. >> joe courtney, how do you view the mind set of the democrats right now going back to washington? do you sense that there's a determination and we've had this extra ordinary month and i know that joe is out here working hard and there are labor groups and problems that are out there. but i do think that there are suppo
your questions to key voices, democratic senators. minnesota's republican governor and the director of the disease control dr. thomas freed. then our american dispatch from waterloo, wisconsin. a dairy farmer who relies on cooperatives says reform doesn't have to mean more government spending. and a congressman leading the fight for a public health care option, minnesota democrat keith ellison gets the last word. this is the state of the union report for sunday, september 6th. labor day weekend means more than the final days of the minnesota state fair and summer vacation. congress is coming back from an august break to find a feisty town hall, and president obama faces a decisive test. support is slipping, and the president is betting on a speech wednesday to a joint session of congress to reframe the health care fight. mr. obama's big challenge is the differences in the democratic party in how much they can afford and whether there's a so-called public or government run insurance option. as the president is fond of saying, if it were easy, someone would have already done it. what
for it. magellan from minnesota. >> -- the gentleman from minnesota. >> i want to discourage this person from making props for the witness. i'm happy to have you sit in this room, but for you to be holding up a sign behind the witness is inappropriate. >> sir, the police officer had questions about what you're doing. i signalled we had no objections about you sitting here. but i will, in an even-handed way, say there are no demonstrations are no signs -- no signs. there will be no conversation. the gentleman from minnesota. >> i appreciate mr. wood's being here and i appreciated the book you wrote on the free market look on why the stock market collapsed, government bailouts -- thank you for your input on that. i enjoyed your statement and have enjoyed your remarks. i am wondering -- you asked the question why is the fed in panic mode over this bill? why are they in panic mode? it seems like we are in an era now where no politician can oppose transparency. that is what every politician is for, is transparency. this seems to be the one anomaly in all of government and it is at the fulcrum
: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from minnesota. ms. klobuchar: i ask unanimous consent to speak in morning business for up to 15 minutes. the presiding officer: without objection. ms. klobuchar: mr. president, i am going to be speaking about health care, but did i want to note -- i was listening to my colleague and friend from tennessee, and i have invited him before, but in minute we think our wind turbines are so -- but in minnesota we think our wind turbines are so beautiful that we've opened up a bed and brake fast near pipestone, minnesota. you come and stay and wake up in the morning and look at a wind tour bifnlt so i guess it is all in the eye of the beholder but we are excited about the power that wind has brought to our state. so, mr. president, i am going to address a very important issue of health care. and i first want to commend my colleague who's here with me today, senator can' senator canr commitment to passing a pro-consumer health care bill that also is focused on reducing cost, so that it makes health care more affordable to all the people of
or click now. >>> two big breaking stories now on msnbc. entire minnesota town in virtual lockdown after a number of reported bomb threats force the entire school district to immediately call off all classes. >>> plus, new ammunition in the great gun debate. within the hour supreme court says it will decide whether state and local gun bans violate the second amendment. >>> good morning. i'm tamron hall. >> i'm monica novotny. multiple bomb threats prompted princeton, minnesota to shut down. multiple suspicious looking packages were discovered one at a post office in that small town and the other at a high school there about 3,5 hundred snunts in this school district consisting of two elementary schools and one middle school and one high school. according to the reports out students are being bussed home and entire population is 4,500 people so you can imagine already this news has quickly spread when you're talking about most of the population being school children and all of them being sent back home after these bomb threats. one intersection near the post office has been completely clo
in minnesota that is different than what we've heard before, other than this case that we're talking to the people, saying, you know, you're one job loss, you're one accident away from losing your health insurance. >> alex, you raise a very, very good point. the big question for americans becomes not the fact that something needs to be done about health care. we do have the best health care system in the world, by the way, but it does need to be reformed. and i think people are concerned about a huge, government-run operation that's going to cost $1.6 trillion and is going to offer them less in the way of choices. people are afraid of that. people are afraid of a government-run health care system, and i don't think the president, despite his well-meaning speech and his interest in getting something on the table, has told them anything new about how this system is not going to be a huge government-run system that's going to deny them some of the choices they've had in the past. >> but peter, the fact that the president has to keep speaking about this, what does that tell you? is the m
want to go to my home state of minnesota. joining me is dr. charlie kite. this is the middle of the country where hubert humphrey came from and walter mondale and al franken. it's a pretty free-thinking state. doctor, why is the president of the united states being screened and possibly sensored in your state? >> well, i'm not sure that he's being screened. and we actually see it as a very positive thing that the president of the united states could give an encouraging message to the children across the country. however, many of our stool superintendents have gotten a lot of phone calls from people concerned about this on one side or the other. and we have issued some guidance to them. we have no authority over the superintendents but they do look to us for guidance. >> let me bring up one in fergus falls, minnesota. this is what he wrote home to the parents. >> dr. kyte, the secretary of education, arne duncan, has said what the message is going to be all about. the president is just going to wish them well. the president is not going to indoctrinate them. do you think that
of the attacks, but he is on the road today in minnesota. >> tens of thousands of tea party protesters across the country marched down pennsylvania avenue and rallied at the u.s. capitol. they're hoping to send a clear message to washington. >> the one thing that bothers them the most is government and forging on their lives. >> -- infringing on their lives. >> this was the last out organized by the conservative groups. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to waterloo! >> republican lawmakers were along with a parade of official speakers. >> we will take this country back in 2012. >> the vast majority here were just ordinary americans, making a statement by attending. the signs should their grievances are many. some blame the congress. >> they are headed in the wrong direction. >> some blame president obama. the president was in minnesota, trying to sell his health care plan and close the bitter partisan divide parade -- the bitter scent -- the bitter partisan divide. >> the time for action has passed. now it is time to deliver. >> using campaign-style stops, the president is hoping to build on t
. the pursuit ended with gunfire in the district about 90 minutes ago. brad bell is live on minnesota avenue and benning road. >> we are at minnesota and eastern -- east capitol. you can see a white suv. that is the suspect vehicle. the suspect bailed out of the vehicle there and was chased. officers behind him perceive a threat. the man had a gun, and as he raised the gun, officers opened fire. they struck the suspect. we do not know what the man's condition is. we captured this chase on tape. this is on 200 to -- 202 in largo. they wound through a number of streets before they got to this point. the next thing he will see is the suspect himself on a stretcher. he is being loaded into an ambulance. we understand all this began early this morning in anne arundel county. there was a double homicide. we do not know the exact location. there was also a carjacking. the suspect took the suv and the owner. police came up with an address in upper marlborough. -- marlboro. the carjacking victim was able to get away. the chase was on and came to a conclusion here. many officers are still being questi
back here for state of the union with john king begin right now. >> i'm john king at the minnesota state fair. this is a special labor day weekend edition of state of the union. it is a big concern at the state fair and at work places and schools across america. how big is the h1n1 risk? is the government ready? >> i don't want anyone to be alarmed but do i want everyone to be prepared. >> plus the flash point at the fairgrounds and back in washington as the president prepares for a high stake address to congress. we put your questions to key voices. democratic senators. and minnesota's republican governor tim paw lenny. and from the center of disease control, dr. thomas frieden. then from waterloo, wisconsin. a dairy farmer who relies on cooperatives for feed, seed, and now his health care, says reform doesn't have to mean more government spending. and a congressman leading the fight for a public health care option. keith ellison gets the last word. >> labor day weekend means more than the end of summer vacation. congress is coming back to find why feisty town hall and president o
's 0-1 in two starts against minnesota and while the royals have been out of the race for some time in their division, greinke still has a say in who wins it. 17 of his starts have been versus the division. he's 7-4 with an e.r.a. of 2.22 against the central division foes. >>> thank goodness we have the a.l. central. closest thing we have to a race. the tigers in cleveland leading the twins. you can see by just two. and edwin jackson going for detroit. trevor crowe with two on and two out. crowe singles to left. matt laporta will try and score. if you're calling for laporta, the best is yet to be. he'll call you when he gets home. out at the plate. the throw by ryan raburn. laporta out. by several steps. he was hurt on the play and would have to leave the game. top of the third, here's raburn. how about raburn? after the defensive throw, shows the offense. throws one out of the yard. tigers had a 1-0 lead. raburn, his 14th. miguel cabrera an up-and-down night. lines it off jhonny peralta's glove but asdrubal peralta fields it and gets the out at second. cabrera left five runners on
. if it finally passes and becomes law, governor tim pawlenty of minnesota says his state still might not stand for it. >> it may be a viable option. >> what do the tenthers have against people with pre-existing conditions? the war in afghan stain. eight years to the day after the attack on our soil that provoked it. prominent democrats say more u.s. troops are not the answer to security problems there. >> we need a surge of afghan forces. >> a security scare in d.c. on september 11. a coast guard exercise on the potomac with a the president nearby creates plannic. >> this was a preplanned traping exercise. no, i'm not issuing an apology. >> and apologies hits late night tv. >> obama accepted wilson's apology then invited him to appear before a death panel. >> the joke is on south carolina. yet again. all that and more now on "countdown." >> oh, no, you did not! >>> good evening from new york. i'm lawrence o'donnell in for keith olbermann. on this date in 2001, this nation rallied together in the wake of the worst attack ever to hit these shores. eight years later, the pain of what happened tha
at all costs. if it finally passes and becomes law, governor tim pawlenty of minnesota says his state still might not stand for it. >> depending on what the federal government comes out with here, asserting the tenth amendment may be a viable option. >> what do the tenthers have against people with pre-existing conditions? >>> the war in afghanistan. eight years to the day after the attack on our soil that provoked it. prominent democrats say more u.s. troops are not the answer to security problems there. >> we need a surge of afghan forces. >>> cnn triggers a security scare in d.c. on september 11th. a coast guard exercise on the potomac with the president nearby creates panic. >> this was a preplanned, normal training exercise. no, i am not issuing apologies. >>> and the world of political apologies hits late-night tv. >> obama accepted wilson's apology and then invited him to appear before a death panel. >> you know, he said his emotions got the better of him. sometimes i want to have sex with a hooker, but i don't. >> the joke is on south carolina. yet again. all that and more now
'll talk about that a little bit later. >>> also this morning, while the president was in minnesota to get his supporters fired up over health care reform, his opponents were making their voices heard in washington in a big way. what does this war of words mean for the president's agenda? we'll find out. >>> also ahead, jay leno is getting ready for a big debut and prime time tv may never be the same. coming up, we'll hear from the former "tonight show" host about his next big adventure which starts tomorrow. he's been off tv for three months now. i feel like he has so many jokes built up inside he can't wait to find tv again. >> he says with all of the pressure easier than replacing carson all of these years ago when you replaced a living legend. >> i can imagine. >>> first, right to what authorities are calling potential new evidence in the case of a yale student gone missing. mike taibbi has the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. last night yale vp sent out an e-mail calling it the most perplexing mystery adding we don't know where annie le is or what happened to he
young and tim kurkjian. big trouble for the detroit tigers, the minnesota twins are closing in. justin verlander on the mound for detroit in the dome. after the twins won on friday, here's mauer, bottom one, his 28th. 1-1. >> last time he faced verlander, he hit a home run off of him in that game too. >> and gerald laird throwing out base runners. this time, bernard span. carl pavano facing everett. brian buscher and e.y. that one went off his foot. >> i can tell that's the breaks are you going your way. when it goes to your particular play, he's able to make the play out. >> that's why you see the pitchers stick their legs up all the time, looking for the deflection. >> why is gerald laird so great at throwing them out? >> he moves his feet well, he's athletic. he's one of the top three or four throwers in baseball. >> cabrera left field, don kelly put out there. got that white ceiling at the dome in a day game. kelly said once it got above the lights i lost it, i had no clue where it was. >> i know how you feel out there, kelly, because that's happened to me and a lot of outfielders
straight out to minnesota, where the gophers are hanging around, number six cal, though, leading 28-21. jahvid best with four touchdowns this afternoon. that brings his season total to seven. >> only one running back this decade has won the heisman trophy and that's reggie bush. so maybe a second win. >> an early vote? >> early vote, yes. >> again, cal leading early, but minnesota tied it up twice and -- not the stadium opener, this is their second week in the new stadium but still the gophers are refusing to go quiet. >> they've dropped nen a row against ranked opponents, this obviously will be a huge win for minnesota. they're hanging around, down seven points. but cal trying to break a four-game losing streak on the road as well. so couple of streaks going head-to-head here. cal, who jumped out early, looked very good. but sloppy mistakes. muffed punt, one of their best players at cornerback. and return specialist. they have let minnesota back in the game but a chance here it the game but a chance here it looks like to put things away. captioning provided by espn, inc. >>> ricky
are on the bridge over the minnesota avenue, as you said, right where it hits east capital street. there are several dozen poce cars here. most of them that were in the district are from prince george's county and it's our understandg that that is where this chase began. apparently anne arundel county police asked them to check on the resident of a particular home in prince george's county, in relation to an investigation that anne arundel county had going on and this led to a police chase. many police cars here. there is a white suburban that seems to be the center of this and the car being chased. at this point all of the roads are blocked. so if you're traveling, you want to avoid this area, the minnesota avenue bridge in the area of east capital street. we do not have a lot of details. we are told they're going to be giving us more information shortly. so as we learn more, i'll keep you up to date. >> beth parker on the phone live at the scene. and if we get more information, it's breaking situation, relatively new, it wget more information during the course of the hour, we'll bring that to you.
the gentleman from minnesota rise? mr. kline: i rise to claim time although i do not oppose this amendment. in fact i rise to say that we are going to support this amendment. i yield back. the chair: without objection. the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from texas. mr. reyes: thank you, madam chair. i thank my colleague. i yield back the balance of my time. the chair: the question now occurs on the amendment offered by the gentleman from texas. so many as are in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. the amendment is agreed to. it is now in order to consider amendment number 9, printed in house report number 111-256. for what purpose does the gentleman from north carolina rise? mr. etheridge ridge: madam speaker, i have a resk. the chair: amendment number 9, printsed in house report number 111-256, offered by mr. etheridge of north carolina. the chair: pursuant to house resolution 746, the gentleman from north carolina, mr. etheridge, and a member posed, will each control five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from north carolina. m
is also scheduled to continue his push for public support. with a rally over the weekend in minnesota and another speech on tuesday. >> lehrer: we'll have more reaction to last night's speech later in the program. >> lehrer: in other news today, white house economic advisers reported stimulus efforts have already saved or created more than one million jobs. it was the first report to congress on the recovery plan that cost $787 billion. and treasury secretary geithner said a number of financial rescue programs can begin winding down. he testified before a congressional oversight panel. >> i think the u.s. financial system today is in substantially stronger shape than it was three months ago, six months ago, nine months ago and on the eve of this recession. there is, again, more capital, greater recognition of losses and we are in a better position to get through this. but remember, this is just the first quarter. we're just starting to see signs of growth. >> lehrer: new economic data also gave further signs the recession may be fading. the labor department reported first-time claims
in minnesota and anher speech on tuesday. >> lehre we'll have more reaction to last nig's speech later in the program >> lehrer: in other ws today, white use economic advisers reported stimulus efforthave already saveor created more an one million jobs. it was theirst report to congressn the recovery plan at cost $787 billion. and treasury secretary geiner said a number of financial rescuerograms can begin winding down. he ttified before a congressional oversight pal. >> ihink the u.s. financial system todays in substantially strong shape than it was three months ago, six months a, nine months ago and on the e of this recession. there is, again, more capita greater cognition of losses and we are in a better pition to get through thi but remember, this is justhe first quarter. 're just starting to see sig ofrowth. lehrer: new economic data also gavfurther signs the recession mabe fading. the labor partment reported first-time claims r unemployment benits fell more than expecd last week. that news helped give wall street anoer boost. the dow jones industrialverage gained 80 points to ose
a doubleheader in detroit. in the 10th. cabrera lined one to left. that scored a run. minnesota jumps on top. they scored two in the inning and win 3-2 1k3 close the gap to just one game. twins down 5-2 in the sixth. layered popped one behind home plate. mauer made a juggling grab on the other side of the screen. take a look. a fan interfered with the ball and he stuck with it. down two with two down. nick a fly ball to granderson. game over, right? wrong. grander son miss judged it. scored a run and the lead down to one. that wouldn't get it done. tigerswon game two and remain two games ahead of minnesota in the central. now to boston. the red sox needed to get a win against the blue jays and they would clinch the wild card. that, though, easier said than done. he hit not one, not two, but three home runs. could have hit four but was hit by a pinch in the night. blue jays won 8-7. red sox dropped five straight. angels beat texas. dodgers magic number remains at one after losing to the padres. san diego a 1-0 lead with his second homer of the season. dodgers are limping toward the postseason
county, and it ended in the 3600 block of minnesota avenue southeast. audrey barns is joining us live from the scene with more information. audrey? >> as you can see behind me this is a very active crime scene involvinpolice from several different jurisdictions. i made a quick count and saw 20 different police vehicles and 50 officers from various departments that are here. so, let me tell you what we know so far. all of is started in anne arunl -- actually in prince georges county this morning. officers were asked by anne arundel county police to go to man's home to serve a murder warrant. he's apparently wanted for at least one murder and possibly two in prince georges county. the man fled and the chase was on. the suspect car jacked the victim at that point and police gave pursuit. he made his way to the district and crashed the suv that he had car jacked here in the 3600 block of minnesota avenue southeast. now, prince georges county police got in to a shootout with the suspect. we're told he was hit several times and has been transported to the hospital. at last check, we are tol
of michigan and also through wisconsin and minnesota this morning. that will sweep into the east as we go throughout the day today. the southeast, you're quiet. all your flooding is done with. they will come to their levels the next couple days in georgia. the rain and the cooler weather is in the great lakes today. that will be our travel trouble spots. we have storms sweeping through areas like cleveland. look at all the active lightning strikes, columbus, cleveland, lake erie. we will track the storms to pittsburgh and eventually buffalo during the morning today. so here's your forecast. showers and storms, detroit, buffalo, cleveland, columbus. we're dry from boston to d.c. and also through the southeast. and it will be warm for one more day. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. we're going to continue to watch warm conditions out ahead of the cold front. atlantic city, new jersey, you could hit 81 today. areas behind the front, much cooler. look at cincinnati, ohio, only 66 today. ahead of the front, enjoy one more warm day. d
at what's going on around our family of network. cal and minnesota, 21-14. 2:45 to play in the third quarter. that's -- espn. jahvid best has three touchdowns in this one and over on espnu, kentucky leading louisville, 17-13. >> pam: thank you, wendy. i think a lot of folks are going to be surprised that minnesota's so close to cal in the second half. >> ray: hanging in there at home. >> pam: beautiful new stadium that we all hope to see real soon. nice play to the outside by draughn. picked up the first down. >> ray: he's shown a real nice ability to bounce out. this a couple of times today we've seen draughn hit that gas pedal and bounce outside and make something happen and remember that strength in the end ujust can't get that guy down very easily. >> pam: 13 yards, six on the depth chart as a safety a couple of years ago. he was watching practice and he looked at the carolina running backs and thought, hey, i think that i still have it and he does as a running back. now their starter, another change of direction. got really close to his offensive lineman, greg elleby, picked up
for a touchdown. minnesota off and running against the texans with a game opening score. favre did throw a td pass. he found former raven chester taylor, a 28-yard toss. taylor does most of the work here. minnesota beats houston 17-10 in a warm-up game in texas. >>> in tennis, opening day at the u.s. open. defending men's champ roger federer continued his winning streak to 35 in a row. he defeated devon britain. defending women's champ serena williams also had an easy opener. there were no major upsets on opening day in new york. two more weeks of play for those to happen. you can bet there will be some. >> thank you, mark. >>> a touchy-feely new trend. >> they're >>> people all over the country have found a new way to deal with stress. they're called cuddle parties. adults who don't know each other get together to hug, massage, and de-stress. the parties are non sexual, and no one has to touch anyone if they don't feel comfort tab. creators of the party say it helps adults rediscover touch and affection. >>> during these tough economic times people have been forced to stop spending on nonessentia
will be the priority. >>>president obama held a health care rally in minnesota today. in washington d.c. conservatives held a rally of their own. we have the report there about the message of the reform plan. it was pretty clear. >>reporter: in obama we don't trust. >>no more lies. >>reporter: that was the generally feeling here among tens of thousands who rallied at the capital. larry smith came from michigan. >>plenty to make for ourselves. they apply it to whatever they think they need to spread it on. reporter: most of the frustration felt here centers on fears about the president involving himself and the government in health care. >>that's 1/6 of the economy that keeps trying to radically change. >>the government is unable to run any money situation, social security, medicare, medicaid, amtrak, they can't run anything at a profit, so how do you think they can run this? reporter: this rally was a sharp contrast to the warm reception president obama received in minnesota at his planned health care event. [cheering]. >>reporter: the president was upbeet saying the nation is closer to health care re
-old was arrested for the theft. >>> a loose llama in minnesota took police on a week long chase. authorities tried numerous techniques to reign in the evasive animal, first with a lasso, then a taser, even a tranquilizer. when all of those efforts failed with increasing reports of the llama endangering motorists, the animal unfortunately had to be let down. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. good morning, bill. i don't know what's more strange, the rogue llama in minnesota or the suspected beer thief who only needed a long dress. >> you had me going. all those stories were cute, they're funny. then you had to put the llama in. >> i'm sorry. i didn't mean to do that. >> that's all right. it's wednesday. let's take a look at what's going on in the forecast. we are watching rain out there in northern portions of florida. besides that, we are seeing a beautiful fall, crisp morning. tennessee valley, ohio valley, great lakes, back up through the northeast and mid atlantic, just a very nice weather pattern rig
be addressed. >> as soon as possible. we don't need a situation like what happened in minnesota a year and a half ago or so. yeah, i'm sure it hasn't been worked on in a long time. >> reporter: one option is always increasing the tolls here on the interstate. reporting live, kelly mcpherson, eyewitness news. >>> you can read more about the inspections in tomorrow's baltimore sun. >>> as baltimore drivers brace for speed cameras, there is some real evidence they do save lives. in montgomery cameras where speed cameras have been in place for a year, collisions are down 28%. the number of travelers driving below the speed limit have risen to 18%. >>> two downtown restaurants we mentioned roys and ocean air are both open for business and we apologize for any confusion. >>> ray lewis, joe flacco and other ravens players hit the town to help. >> reporter: two rings for o.j. is about o.j.brogransky. als has taken a toll on his body as well as his life. but he is a fighter, and he's fighting tonight to raise awareness and money for this disease he has. o.j.brogans stands out personally and pr
gump ran across the country and he didn't have a cause but one minnesota teen does. >>> that's a beautiful view this morning. the clouds are starting to break up over baltimore. we're setting the stage for a gorgeous holiday weekend and rerack the image from the full moon setting. here's kim with the roads. >> reporter: traffic is nice. on the east everyone shore, route 50 remains chosed in talbott county. i'll have the details up next. >>> it has been eight years since september 11th attacks and firefighters in new york continue to remember those who died. they pick a project each year used to honor those who died on that tragic day. this year in iowa. >> a lot of people died. people from all over came to new york city to help us so the least we can do is go back in the country and pay it forward, give it back. >> the firefighters say they will build a new chapel. >>> whatever you are doing, put down the egg go waffle and take a look at this. at first glance it looks like a woman is giving the camera a finger. she's showing her ring finger. it's aimed at procrastinating gu
for action. now's the time to deliver on health care for every american. >> minnesota was ranked the urth healthiest state in the country last year. minnesota has a public health plan for those denied private coverage for preexisting conditions. >>> d.c. cab drivers are being put on notice. there has been a rash of crimes where cabbies have been robbed many at gunpoint. michael flynn is live in northeast d.c. michael, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, craig. yesterday a teenager was charged in a shooting. seven other cabbie robberies remain under investigation. there's been a recent rise in robberies targeting taxis over the past three months eight cab drivers ve been robbed. in the latest case a week ago a driver was shot in the stomach and robbed outside his home on "i" street. it is upsetting tother cab drivers. >> i think it is wrong for anyone to be shot for protecting what's his. i think everyone should have the right to work and make an honest living. >> reporter: on friday a 16-year-old was charged with assault and armed robbery. two other juveniles were arrested in the cri
this afternoon. >> given the fact that minnesota has a pretty good health care system, it's one that people look at and say it works, they expect it to be a friendly crowd? >> it's open to if public and a first come, first serve basis. minnesota is a purple state between red and blue has been more blue than red in the last several years. i should add, there's a counter protest scheduled here on the grounds or west of the capital by the tea party antitax advocates. a lot of them are marching down the street and gathering in front of the white house. they are going to protest the obama policies and health care in particular. >> okay, mike viqueira, we'll check in again. >>> beijing is questioning a tax imposed on tires coming to america. a lot of jobs have been lost because of it. they are calling it protectionist. >>> joe wilson's outbirs got the cash flowing. since shouting you lie, he's raised more than $700,000 for his re-election campaign. his opponent may benefit more from the outburst. he's raised more than 1 million bucks since wednesday. let's go to the latest on the search for the missin
it through thanksgiving. >> hundreds came out determined to turn this into a town hall. >> in minnesota, tomorrow, his goal to build an obama-backed plan. >> hi jackers took over four planes eight years ago. this is the first anniversary of the attacks that has been declared a national day of service. americans have been asked to help out in their communities. >> how do you plan to remember the 9/11 terror attacks. email your response to >> coming up three people escape death after a gas station explodes. >> a mother is arrested for letting her 6-year old drive her car and why she did it. car and why she did it. >> it's really wet out there. need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love. >> it's 60 downtown and raining. coming down pretty good. we had just under a half inch of rain so far. all right. let's look at our hd doppler radar. you see that yellow stripe running a
the president was not in town, was that a coincidence? >> well, he did have a rare sunday rally in minnesota and the crowd here was well aware of that. a couple speakers got up and said president obama isn't in town, let's make sure he can hear us all the way in minnesota and that got the crowd fired up to yell louder. people here who attended this event say they think the president and lawmakers here at the capitol will get their message about spending. that's what they're hoping. >> regardless, i'm sure he'll hear their message loud and clear. >> as molly just said, the president not in town for that march on washington. instead, he was in minnesota pitching his plan to overhaul the nation's health care system to folks at a town hall meeting. mike emmanuel with the details. >> president obama brought a new message with him to a rare saturday event selling health care reform. the president's rally was in minneapolis, the site of the 2008 republican convention, a swing state with a governor who may challenge him in 2012. his new pitch for health care is base road treasury department study th
and part of a while. no one was hurt. >>> after he his speech on wednesday, he will be heading to minnesota for a rally tomorrow. he has except the apology from the congressman who heckled him during the speech. >>> some local doctors are speaking out against the health care plan. >> shame on you. >> their protest on the national mall yesterday. they organize this rally and say they support health care reform but not the plan announced wednesday night. >>> government report said the base realignment plan will cost more than anticipated. the plan to relocate thousands of workers to thousands of sites. it will cost at least $2 billion to do with the traffic congestion caused by this realignment. more than half of that money would go toward road improvements. >>> a metro employee remains injured after being struck by a train. he was hit by a six-car train between braddock road and reagan national airport stations. he has been an employee of metro for nearly 13 years. this is th latest in a string of unfortunate accidents. >>> jack dale will continue to serve as school superintendent. during th
to minnesota in minneapolis and the target center. he'll hold a rally style meeting. i'll largely highlight many of the things we heard on wednesday night. he will to go pittsburgh to speak to the afl-cio. that is expected to be a wide ranging speech but will also touch on health care. and then thursday he heads over to my alma mater, the university of maryland, where he will have yet another health care rally. they're trying to keep the hammer down. meanwhile, the gang of six of republican senators, max baucus who leads that group, talking about moving ahead with or without republicans procedurally. he will unveil it next week and then start committee action the week after that. >> nbc' mike viqueira. thank you very much. >>> the bigger picture, just 44 hours since that outburst and false claim by joe wilson during the president's speech to congress. the embarrass many on capitol hill and the anger across the country is continuing. more republican expressed frustration that wilson has refused to apologize in the well of the house chamber. and aides to house speaker nancy pelosi say that if
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